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Date: May 13th 1918

May 13th/18

My Dearest Jessie:

Just received your letter today Dated April 15.18. which I was glad to get it sure takes the mail a long time to come sometimes I write moste every week if not every week it never seems the week more than over two or three day. So you ought to get one every week of course like the one I mailed to father. I gave to the Ord. Sgt two or three days ago to mail and last night I found them among his mail so I took it the office myself. So you see if it may be kept later sometimes.

I had a letter from Sadie today she said she sent you a Suit. the one you told me you were getting I suppose.

I am glad to hear that Erin McKinnon got back because he is too told a man to be over here he is a dandy man he used to be our Chaplain in the 219th. So Jim and Vince are getting through good for them we have the day-light system here have had for quite a while. Yes it will be nice in the summer to Play tennis I hope to play some this summer. I have my papers about ready to go to [?]. Well John did'nt spend much of the night with you did he? The night last telephoned.

The ice was kind of late going out of the river was it not? this year?

I sure remember Eilna Hay. Stan R is a lot like his Father. he does a lot of that growling the same as his father, but he is getting along O.K.

We have had some fine wether but it is raining today I just wrote to Ellen today you will sure miss Ellen. Is Vida going to take over the Phone for a while? that would suit her dont you think?

I am putting this letter in one of these striped Envelopes let me know how long it takes to go from here to you. if it takes any longer than the Plain I will cut them out after this I think have to close for now

I suppose they got word home that Art Fox died of wounds I thought he would be O.K. but a fellow never knows

Heaps of Love to all

Loving Don

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