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Date: May 4th 1918

May 4th/18

My Dearest Jessie:

Received your letter last night one written April 4 and 10th Also one from father written the 10th was awfully glad to get them. I am so glad you got the music and that it was good I did not know whether it was or not but took a chance on it. About that Mrs DF[?] McKay that wrote to you I don't know realy whether she is Mrs or Miss but I think Mrs. I think her hub is dead, but I am not sure if you want to write to her add her letter Mrs. it won't make much difference when you say good bye. sleep tight dont let the bugs bite that is one of the impossibilities here because they are sure to bite.

I think the Conscript are kind of fussy about the way are fed and treated if some of them had of been men and signed up when they should have they would of no Kick. I mean those fellows that could have come like Jim Brown and a few more. Of course I know how nice it is to be in our life but this is a [?] time and we must stick it out. I know we have some fools of Leaders at the top or perhaps we could not be here today.

I would like to be in Don Logans shoes. I am trying to get into the flying Corp. don't know whether I can make it out or not, but I surely hope I can.

Well there is one just one more thing I wish to write about but sorry to have to say it. Ralph Logan was wounded this a.m. he was shot with a machine gun three bulletts in the leg below the knee he may loose his leg but I dont think. Of course the bone might be shattered. Dont tell the Logans that he is serious because I wrote Mrs Logan today and told her that I thought he was O.K. I saw him after he was hit and he asked me to write his mother as he would not likely be able to write for a few days he was quite cheerful about it. he was a good man here lots of nerve Cas Nay and Art Fox also were wounded this a.m. Cas got a piece of shrapnel in the leg below his knee he just got a nice Blighty About Fox he was hit in the stomach I don't Know how bad but he hollered at me as he was passing me so I guess he is O.K. I hope so at least. Well I don't think there is anything more to write about. I am feeling fine will say bye bye will write Father in a day or two

Lots of Love to all
Aff Bro Donald

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