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Date: March 2nd 1918

March 2nd/18

My Dearest Jessie:

Just a few lines today there is not much to write about or I would have written you befor I know I should have done so. but I wrote to Father just a day or so befor I got yours. We are having a nice snow storm I dont mean nice, because it is so cold and windy. I don't like the cold much here I don't mind it in dear old Canada of course we put up with a lot of it here. Has Bill Wicks reached home yet? One of our chaps went yesterday a fellow that had some people missing in Hfx.

Bill deserves a trip home he has been over here so long. I am very glad you received the Pin I sent some time ago I had them send it from England. Is Harold R as well as ever? and how is Aunt Bessie Harold is sure a big chop he must be a lot larger than when we left home. What is Don Logan going to do. I think I asked you that about six times some fellows get off easily. I had a letter from old Hanna today. She just got back from Scotland I also had a letter from Ellen the other day I guess the same day I got yours. How did Mrs McIntosh have like here furs.

This is a mighty cold day and snowing and not very nice out of doors. You say just think it will soon [?] Feb. now it is March. Well I don't think there is much to write about.

I will say bye bye
Lots of Love to all
Loving Bro. Donald

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Original Scans