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Date: June 23rd 1918

June 23rd/18

My Dearest Jessie:

Just a few lines to-day I read your nice letter a few days ago. you know with me saying how glad I was to get it. yes this war seems to hang on a long while and is taking a lot of young boys. glad however they left Gower where he is. How to the boys like Soldiering? I guess it will likely seem pretty hard. to them. I hope when they come to France if they ever do they will come to the 85 the best in France HaHa.

I had a letter from Vic H a few days ago. he seems happy enough I dont see why he should'nt be of course it would be nice if he could go home for the summer. although he will be able to go up moste every week.

Sorry to hear that Bill has been wounded hope he does not loose his leg over it otherwise he is lucky. I suppose Ralph L will be home in two or three months now.

I had a letter from Ervin he tells me you have a car that is kind of nice for you. Do you drive it yourself?

not very long till you see Sadie now. I wish I could be home for awhile this summer but I guess I may as well make up my mind to stay here for a while because I don't think they are going to stop this thing until we win. and I guess that's the only and best way. I saw the Paper about the riot they Sure turned things up side down those fellows like to fight so well they should have them over here for a while longer.

Perhaps you will be able to go to college next winter I hope you can. you aught to be taking some music lessons if it is possible nothing like studying when you are young.

Yes I have seen Charley snow. a half a dozen times since he went to the flying Corps. he in not far from us here. he had command of the Coy when Spencer was killed. he got married while he was training in Eng. had Art got into the flying Corps yet?

There does'nt seem to be much to write about will say bye bye.

Lots of Love to all
Loving Bro Don

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