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Date: June 17th 1918

June 17..18

My Dearest Sadie:

Very glad to get your very nice letter today. you see I am very prompt in answering. I heard from Father and Jessie a few days ago. I suppose you hear from them quite often. You will no doubt be home by the time you get this letter.

I know you must have been very busy moving I know what it is to move of course we don't have the furniture and a lot of other things to move that you do in moving your house stuff but I just hate to move we have to carry so much stuff I suppose you know we are wearing the Kilts. It is mighty cold in the A.M. I don't like going with my legs bear especially in the cold they are very nice on a march so nice and cool, I thought I would get to the Flying Corps but I did not make it, will just have to hang the old job down for a while longer.

I am glad to know you got the Photo, you say I have changed a lot a bit its enough to make anyone change over here. Althou we have it pretty easy I hope they don't take Gower from home to join the Soldiers If they do I think I will run away. I hear that Harold Bently had to report to Hfx. Pretty hard lines. I suppose Harry Clark is home by this time.

I don't know how the Yank will do. I guess they will be fighters. I have seen a few of them. I guess they have been doing some fighting already. How is [?] getting along Remember me to him. Yes Sadie this fight is lasting a long while who ever thought when used to talk about my enlisting that it would last so long but its one thing I will never be sorry for, and I would like to see it through, it is bound to be over some time We took a lot of Prisoners a few days ago, the British I mean, some of the boys were talking to some of them. Some of them can talk quite good English. he said they wished it was over he also said that the People of Germany did not know the state of affairs. they were not allowed to write home or receive letters.

Yes pretty hard news for the Fox Family and poor Ralph Logan lost his boy. but he is good for Canada. they were out on a raid when they got it.

You ask me if Spencer changed any. Well he was just like a man, more so than when he left home. I heard some of the boys say just the other day that he was a dandy Sgt he would fight for his Platoon to see that they got everything that was comming to them, they all liked him fine.

Munroe is still with us, I have never been sick a day since I left home, feeling fine. We are having lovely wether, a little rain yesterday the first for the three or four weeks.

I guess Trude Gladwin is O.K again is she not? Jessie told me that she was quite Sick. Yes Sade I would willingly sit up two or three nights now if you were sick and I had the chance, but I hope you never have a time like that again.

Well Vic is in Canada, little we thought the morning he left us that he would be home today. I am very glad he made it because he was not strong enough to be over here. Just think it is 15 months since I left England to come to France. How the time does fly.

Doug Burris is fine just the same Doug funny as ever he makes great fun for the rest of the boys. He is as tough as Iron. Do you know how father is? I would like to have a Picture of him. I hope they leave Gower where he is, its not fair for them to take him from father now. I have'nt heard from Ken for some-time he is not much to write this is a terribile scribble hope you can make it out O.K will Say bye bye.

Lots of love to all loving Bro Don

When you get a good Picture of yourself send it along you and Jessie had better get yours taken together and send it.
Will add this to home[?] add

When you send me anything please send me some paper and envelopes it is hard to get in this Country. Don

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