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Date: August 15th 1917

August 15, 1917

Dearest Father,

Just a few lines to let you know that I am well still in the trenches I wrote you about three weeks ago before we came in the line I said I would write you when I came out again but we have been in so long and nothing to write with till today am sorry I have left it so long but I thought about it every day I got a letter from Jessie about two or three weeks ago and haven't had any since. Spence had one just a few days ago there is not much to write about in here I will try and write more as soon as we go out we have had lots of rain and mud lately. Mud to our knees it gets pretty tiresome. Well father it doesn't look as though we were going to be home for Xmas I had a letter from Ken the other day he says he is alone and would like it if I were home to go with him I sure wish I were there to go with him. if you are ever making up a box to send me I wish you would send me a pair of leather gloves lined. You will know the size about eight I think. Well Father I think Spencer is putting a line in with this I guess I will close will write to Jessie when we go out. How is John? I haven't heard from him only once since he went to Upp.[?] well must say good day with lots of Love to all.

Son Doug

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