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Date: April 23rd 1918

April 23, 1918

My Dear Jessie,

Just a line. I will put in with fathers I wrote him last night. I tell you there is not much to write. I am sending a couple of photos you can take one of them if you wish. This has been a dandy day. I was just thinking of what a nice day to be home enjoying the nice sun instead of this. but we all know this enemy has to be fought out and I hope it does not take very much longer.

What do they think Alf Guild is? does his father need him home? or why is he going to get him out of it. When you are sending me any boxes or things of that sort you might put in some paper and envelopes. I guess I told father about it of course I know that is enough.

How is the Maple Sugar this Spring?

Well I hope Don Hagan gets into the flying Corps. That is what I am trying

[Rest of letter missing]

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