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Date: April 22nd 1918

April 22, 1918

My Dearest Father,

Received your letter a few days ago which I was very glad to get and find you all well. The mail seems to be held up some tad of course they need all of the trains now for troops and I guess that is what makes it slow.

You see by this paper I am writing on that my writing paper has run out and that is a thing that is very hard to get now I wish you would send me some once in a while Paper and Envelopes.

I suppose the winter is about over now and you will not be sorry to see the spring and get out in the garden again the wether has been fine here lately.

How I would like to have been home to your Easter Service.

I am sending you two of my photos you might tell me which one you like the best the one that I am stooped. I am leaning on the table. You will know I am not so stooped as I look here. I wonder if Jessie got those songs I sent to her from Scotland. I hope she did. I don't know whether they are any good or not.

Capt Clark is going home very soon and he told me he would go up to see you he will tell you all about Spencer and what kind of a boy he was over here. he thought a lot of him of course he was like the rest of the boys he could not help but like him.

You say your music keeps the worry of war away. I hope you don't worry about me because I am feeling fine and I think you will think I am looking well enough when you see these Pictures. My hair is too long when I had this taken but here in France wearing the old steel lid a fellows hair gets all tossed up and it is pretty hard to get it looking like anything in two or three days.

How is the little Mare this Spring? I suppose Gower will have a McLaughlin this summer you can put some of my money into one if you wish because I will want a car when I get back. I suppose I will have a few cents coming to me after this war is over. I don't keep any account of it at all.

Do you ever hear from uncle Alex about how Charlie is getting along? he has had quite a boring stay in Blighty.

Feed must sure be a terrible price What is flour? it must take quite a wad of money to pay for a car and freight. Well I think I will say bye bye.

Lots of love to all [?] will write Jessie in a few days.
Love Don

I am putting a photo in with yours for Ken and John. I wish you would send them on over first chance.


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