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Date: October 6th 1917

Oct 6th, 1917

Dear Jessie:

Just a few lines to let you know we are still at the job there is not much news to write.

I have not heard from you for about two weeks I am writing this in the old Y.M.C.A on the piano. there is a fellow pounding at it but not much music. I would like to hear from some good music now. you would have to play some if I were home now.

Well this is a cold and rainy day and lots of mud here. I saw [?] Fulton this A.M. he is in the 26th his brother was killed a short time ago. he is Robs son in aff. [?] you know.

How is John getting along I haven't heard from him for a long time. I must write him. I wrote him a few days ago but never sent it. Doug Burres was called out of the ranks the other day and presented with the M.M. I always forgot to tell you in my previous letters it is quite a long while since he earned it.

this cold and wet wether makes a fellow feel as though he would like to be home beside the fire.

Suppose you will soon have to begin using the horse instead of the car.

Spencer had it planed for a game of tennis a few nights ago but he had to move. and it took us too long. he is still on the course. expect him back in a day or so now.

Well Jessie it is very nearly tea time that was awfully good of Ellen to send me that box. It was greatly enjoyed. I also had one from Sadie. I sent to Father some time ago for a pair of leather gloves hope he sent them. also the $5.00 which comes in very handy. Well I must close with Lots of Love to All


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