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Date: May 20th 1941
Dennis Quinlan

Tuesday, May 20, 1941

Dearest Mums,

So Jeepers is almost on his way eh? Gosh, it seems hard to realize that the next time I see him he will be in this blue uniform of ours - but I'll bet he'll look like a million!

I should be able to see Bryan when he is at Brandon - when I get to Rivers.

We certainly must begin shaping the arrangements for these next few months though. Those two weeks after Rivers are going to mean the world to me and I don't want to waste or lose a second of them.

We have been so busy with our flying these last few days that I haven't had a chance to get in to see the accounting office here but I should be able to very soon.

It would be just swell if you could take the nurse's course Mum - I do think you should not have to worry about getting a job anyways.

That sound like a wonderful idea for me to see you + Fran at Calgary Mum - and perhaps Bryan could get there also. At any rate it would enable us to plan my two weeks' leave so much better - and talk over so many things that letters just can't seem to handle.

Fran says she has given you all the prints of which she has negatives - I'll try and get you one of the banquet snaps too Mums.

Certainly Mr. Hitler makes an interesting war doesn't he? Lord, I hope these marvelous people overseas can hang on.

I got a short letter from Aunt Daisy some time ago - didn't say an awful lot but their 1 only fear seems to be that we over here will weaken - certainly they never will.

Olaf Meyer + I were down to Niagara Falls, Sunday evening + I saw Bert + Paulla. Bert is now stationed at Brantford - not far from here but Art has been sent all the way out to Prince Edward Island! Imagine that - he certainly will have a trip home if + when he goes.

Well Mums everything is going just fine here - I do hope I get another lovely letter from you soon.

Oodles of love + kisses,


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