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Date: October 8th 1943
Tom Paterson
Andrew Paterson (father)

Oct. 8th, 1943

207 27th Street West
Saskatoon Sask

Dear Tom
Just a few lines to let you know that we are all fine and dandy at home, tho we are wearying for some news from you and how you are getting along. hope you are safe and sound and in the best of spirits. I guess you are in Italy now, boy, & who would ever have thought that you would be that far from home, you are doing great work, Tom, and we are all so proud of you & I just wish that it was all over so that you could be home again. I guess you will want to stay in bed when you do get home. thats what I said, when I got back. Well you deserve all and every thing Tom, when it is over. havent heard from Dave for a long time but he is still over there, as far as we know, we should get some letters soon from both of you. I know it is hard to get a letter written when you are on the move as you boys are. You move faster than we did. There isnt much doing here just now, but it sure is hot. We are getting ready for winter, putting on storm window, Etc. We'll have to put the car away soon. it is still in the best of shape and runs like a Top--just four more payments and its ours. We had some Scotch boys in last Saturday, (R.A.F.) staying with us and I got a little too much to drink. Mum was sore, I guess, but she got over it. They were nice boys and we had a good time all round. Mickey McBrian was in to see us last Sat. he is down east, but wants to go overseas he was asking for you. There isnt any of your pals around here now, so I can't tell you much about them. The warehouse is very quiet just now, I've never seen any thing like it, of course, every thing is Rationed, did Mum tell you that I got the offer of a Thousand Dollars cash for the car. well I wouldn't sell it Tom, as I want you to have a good time with it when you get back and of course you will have Vera with you. she is a nice girl Tom and seems to like you very much. So you had better take good care of yourself for her sake, as well as ours, wont you. Well there has been lots of Baseball here this summer but I didn't get to any games, to busy at home. It will be hockey in a few weeks, how time flys Jack Palmer is away in the navy now and Roy is in the air force. Jack is doing carpenter work Bill Arnott is at Red Deer, Alta. his folks have gone to the coast to live so we dont hear much about him he wrote a letter to J.D.Millar, one of those real lovie one, so J.D. thinks he's a swell kid. Well Tom I got all my garden work over so will be able to write you more, we are busy on your Xmas parcel now. Hope you are getting them and your smokes O.K. if you don't let us know as we want you to get every thing you need. how do you like the spaghetti girls, Tom, and you will be getting lots of wine, its a pretty rough country they tell me. Lots of hills, the scenery will be grand. This Bobby guy here is getting quite a lad talking all the time he never gives me peace to write. he likes school and is getting lots of stars. have you seen Keith again. The two of you can meet and talk over old times. give him our regards when you see him again. Now Tom I think I have given you all the news just now. Saskatoon is dead now, nothing new to report, so I hope you are in the very best of health, and happy Tom. Just give them H-- and make them quit soon that you can get back home soon. Well son dont worry about us as we are all fine, take care of yourself and write soon. We all at home send you our best love and lots of it. so Tom, Cheerio, and may God Bless you till we meet again. lots of love from us all.
Your loving Dad.