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Date: July 26th 1942

Edmonton 26.7.42

Dear Bernice:

Well how is everything now. I guess you are back to normal again. Are you a pretty good milker or just the beef type only good for raising baby beef. I guess that baby will get plenty of attention around there. I always say there can't be too many beautiful girls.

Well thirteen weeks have gone by and I have had a lot of fun, maybe too much, but live today tomorrow never comes. I am still keeping up my work pretty well though. I have two subjects finished, got 86% in maps and charts, 83 in photography, but the greatest tests are yet to come, seven in all.

We are doing astro now. One plane cracked up the other night about 20 miles out. They couldn't find the city because it was smokey and they ran out of gas. Nobody got hurt badly though. That is the first crack up on the station.

I am on a 48 so I am getting a few letters written. I go out at night though. I ended up with a repulsive little creature Friday night, but it was just strategy to arrange for a date with a dream for tonight, and last night I took out the old standby where I keep my civies. She is