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Date: March 17th 1942

March 17-42

Hi Everbody:

How is everything in Wingham. I got your letter all well and good the other day, sure was glad to get it. I am doing pretty fair for mail anyhow as I have quite a few sources, but just keep up the good work.

When I get my head in a navigational problem and get all tangled up with drifts, ground speed, tracks and winds, etc. I sure like to get a hold of some news from back home. I don't even know who won the Stanley Cup yet. I just found out that Toronto was leading 7-0 in a game somewhere in a letter from Drew.

We finished up here today. Wrote three exams today to top it off. We are just waiting for results now which won't come out until next week. I figure I made the observers required amount though so I should go to observer school sometime next week. I don't know where though, but will find out then. We get our flying equipment on Monday.

So Barb & Elmer are getting a bit snotty are they, well we'll just have to knock em down about fourteen notches if I ever get back there in position so I can do it. I know more about Barb Hedley than she does herself and as for Elmer, well I can sure bring him down and don't ever think I don't enjoy it. When Bill and I were home that Christmas just after Bill joined the R.C.A.F. and we had Elmer in a corner and he never has got out of it yet. I got a big kick out of it because he was riding Bill all the time so we just turned on the heat.

Guess Ma won't have anybody coming home weekends now that Bill has gone. I had a letter from him the other day still in Halifax and raring to go. He said they got eight subs in twelve hours off the coast there so I guess they'll have to do some tall shooting to get out, but there haven't been any troops sunk yet.

How is Gerry getting along with his knitting. I guess they'll all be home from school before long now and they you'll have a mob around. I don't wonder Harry has a sore back.

May has two hundred chickens this year. They sure believe in a lot of work around there.

Well paper is done so I better call I off.

So Long folks,
Sincerely JB