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Date: August 1941

Dear Ed:

I guess it is about time I answered your letter, but there seems very little to say. Things are going on as usual here. We are doing overhauls at last but next week we will likely go back on Avro Ansons.

Last weekend we spent in Banff and Lake Louise. It is sort of nice there if you are about seventy-five and want to sit around. Otherwise about one day is plenty to be up there.

The Duke of Kent arrived and went way again but caused very little excitement here as we didn't parade for him.

It was good to see some good old Lockheeds again like they used to have at Trenton. There were three planes all together and were they ever polished up.

When I drove Bill back to Aylmer he gave me ten dollars and Art gave me ten dollars. I paid Art back but I am not sure about whether I gave Bill's money to Art or not. If not Ma had better give Bill his out of the check.

We are going to get the Schick and Dick tests on Monday so I'll likely be in for some jabs in the arm. I guess it is all for the best anyhow.

Aylmer seems to be out of reach for me. They don't go for transfers here. There are supposed to be 200 Galt boys coming next week so I guess things will be pretty well crowded here now. We are moving into new barracks on Monday. There is also a new mess hall.

I suppose you will be about finished harvest by now. I suppose Bill was a great help.

Well I guess it is time to go on Parade so

Cheerio JBBD