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Mother and Father

Dear Ma and Pa:

I just got back from my leave so that may explain the delay in answering your letter. My friend Clark didn't get out of the hospital and his leave was due to start last Monday so I got them to change my leave with his and I didn't know until that day at noon that I was going.

I was down to Winnipeg. I saw all the lads there and also the fellows at MacDonald, Manitoba, about seventy-five miles from Winnipeg. George Begg is at MacDonald and it sure is a desolate hole. They laughed when we were sent to Calgary but we have the last and best laugh now.

I stayed at Inez's a couple of nights. I went to a G. Electric dinner dance and had a swell time. I was the only Air Force there so that always helps. Cyril is a 2nd Lieut. In the N.P. Signals in Winnipeg. He knows his stuff too. Betty Ann and Roberta are a swell pair of kids.

We have six more planes to assemble; they have just got started at them so we will have a couple of weeks work at them. We had about forty Tiger-moths here and we hardly got them assembled when we had to repack them and ship them to Vancouver.

I am glad to here that Pa has got a good supply of War Savings Certificates. He does things in a big way once he gets started. I hope he doesn't let the money go to his head. I bet it is hardly safe to let him go to town now for fear he would go on a spree.

Our nice weather has returned and it is swell out today. I expect it will stay nice for some time now. I hope.

I have to answer a letter from Bernice and also Bill so I'll be busy tonight.

I finally got a letter from Razz. He got my letter okay but just neglected to answer. I had a letter from Art awhile ago but it was just the usual straight fact type and nothing else. They were all okay at the time and as usual he was very busy. He ought to be able to go down home pretty soon now. Well news is very scarce so I'll call it a day.

Good luck.

Love Jim