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Date: May 1st 1941

Thurs. 1/5/41

Dear Ma, Pa, and kids:

So spring is finally come down there. It seems like it has been spring ever since we came here except that at night it gets pretty cool. It is almost too hot here now and the sun is always so darn bright it almost dazzles a fellow.

We are going to be rushed for awhile now. We were doing overhauls on four motors. We have two done and two more came in yesterday and they were very urgent so we did most of them today and they got in a new shipment of Ansons for erection today so we will really be going to town for awhile.

I guess Bill's course will last a couple of weeks longer now which will put him to the first of June anyhow. It doesn't look as if he would get sent to No. 10 anyhow as we got fourteen fitters from Galt and eleven from St. Thomas last Sunday so we have all kinds of fitters. He might get sent to No. 3 across the field but it isn't such a hot place. The meals are even worse than ours and the flights aren't so hot anyhow although they are where the planes are always flying.

Does Pa use Smokey yet? He should anyhow. I guess Bill would use her when he was there. I am glad to hear that Ed is stepping into things a bit. I knew he could if he just would. I think Bet is foolish to quit school now. She might as well finish off the year now because she seems to have done very well so far and I think she has the brain there if she wants to use it. If you need help very bad just write to McKenzie King and tell him you need me home for a month and I'm sure he would gladly see that I got a months leave especially since Pa is a good Liberal.

I bought a new pen last night. It writes very nice although it could be a bit finer in the point, but it is okay anyhow. Ethel's kids like the air mail letters. She said Gerry carried one I sent to school to show the kids. I suppose they are building on getting down home for some holidays. You will be pretty busy but I guess they aren't much trouble.

If Razz is still around you might tell him I am still waiting for an answer to my last letter which I wrote about a month ago so it seems times go fast here. We have been out here longer than we were in Trenton.

They took five of our ships (Moths) away the other day. They left for Medicine Hat but they didn't make it in one hop; they were down all over the country out of gas. I guess they will be there by now though.

Well all's well and I'll be seein' ya.

Love JBB