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Date: March 28th 1941

March 28, 1941

Dear Betty:

I received the socks today and I sure appreciate them as some of my other socks are beginning to get a few holes in them. You did a very good job of them; you'd thing you had been doing a lot of knitting.

I suppose you are trying Easter exams or will be very soon. If you do as well now as at Christmas you should be alright. Ed did okay at Christmas too so lets hope he keeps up the good work.

I just got definite proof that on April 1st I will be an L.A.C."B". I made 70 on the test. Ten more marks would have given me an automatic A but if I pass next test it will be the same thing so I am not worrying.

There was a crash up at No. 3 last night but not a very serious one. The frost coming out of the ground has made the runaways a bit rough and one plane couldn't take it.

I am going to a dance some place tomorrow night but I don't know where it is. It is some kind of private affair with some of the higher class folks. They had one before and some of the lads were there and had a real swell time so I got worked into this one. I hope it is a success.

They say that there are 100 more Ansons coming in to assemble here. I hope they never arrive as I am fed up with Ansons. There is also a rumor that a depot is opening up in Edmonton for nothing but Anson assembly so we might even get sent up there. It is a nice place I guess but sure is awful cold in the winter.

We have had a soft winter and now it is just like summer. We don't wear our great coats anymore on parade. We haven't needed them for a long time. The gophers are running around quite a bit. The Sgts. were out snaring them the other day. They are as tame as the deuce, you can almost pick them up. I thought they were like a ground hog for size but they are just like a big rat.

It sure seems funny to read Ma's letters about the big snow drifts. I haven't seen a snowdrift since I left there on Jan. 11.

Did Ed ever get the Air Force Review. I sent for it for him a while back and he ought to get it pretty soon. It has some fair descriptions of the latest planes etc. and stories about the air battles over Britain.

They say there is going to be a flying club started in Calgary. I hope there is because I would like to take lessons. I'll have a bit more money now and should be able to get a license. Tex said I would make a good pilot because I was smooth with the controls.

I was in to see Lethbridge Maple Leafs and Trail Smoke Eaters play hockey last night. It was a carefully played game until the last period. Trail one by 2 to 1 score. The Allan Cup playoffs are supposed to be here so I'll try to get to see some of them if I am not on duty watch or something about that time.

Has Ethel named the baby yet. I told her to call it anything but Judith.

Well I better finish this off and write to Bernice or Bill. So I'll be a seein ya.