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Date: May 1942

Monday Night May 1942

Dear Ma.

Just a note to let you know I am still at Shilo. Our movement order didn't come through so we are still here. Expecting to go to British Columbia next week. I don't know when I will be going to England, have had no further word. I am glad Bill [brother] arrived safely.

I have been busy as a nailer [?] at this camp out shooting every day. Shooting off shells costing $25.00 a piece so it is expensive business. The amount I have to learn about modern artillery makes me feel that I am no great shakes but I may eventually get to a point where I will earn my money. However I do no more shooting until we leave. Finished up today with a swell shoot of which I was fairly proud. I controlled the battery as Bob was off having gotten a touch of rash from using citronella to keep our twin bomber mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are about the worst I ever heard of here but today was cool and they didn't bother at all.

We entertained a troupe here last night who gave a Sunday night concert for the troops. That is about all the excitement offered except our work. I really be tired at night. No doubt this will increase my life span by years.

I guess everybody at home is in the pink. I see where Ma is the big shot on the Agriculture & Industry Committee of the W.I. That will surely cause enlargement of the cranium.

Will write again giving more news when they arise.

Elmer D.