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Date: May 18th 1941

May 18 1941
Sunday evening

Can R 64564
Sgt Maclausland r.s.
Sgts' Mess
R.A. F. Station

Dear Mother

Since writing you last Sunday your last letter of March 20 th received Tuesday.

I hope my letters have caught up and that you are writing oftener. In your letter you mentioned two parcels and 300 cigarettes. I received those you said the institute sent a carton. Some time I may take the chance to sit down and thank them for every thing but just now I haven't the time nor the urge. The institute cigs never turned up but quiet on that. you intended sending 1000 April 1st. If you did it is quite unlikely they will turn up. In my last letter I suggested sending a dollar's worth regularily every two weeks. that is a safer plan. You said Howatt wrote a few days before Mar 20 his letter must have gone astray. Aunt Lil told me some of the home news through a letter from Estelle. Lack of home news makes me sometimes impatient and Lillys operation though expected shook me. Among you a home letter can be on its way every five or six days at least. I solemnly promise not to complain about this any more but if my letters do space out a little more than usual it will be due to that disappointment or absolute lack of time

Well they have certainly had plenty of sickness at Grand-fathers this spring. Its a damn good thing Lorna was home and the neighbors helped out, mostly the wood situation which I know must have kept dad moving. How did we fare for wood without the western road? Has Harold started building any planes in S'side yet I daresay he hasn't rode in one for ten hours all totalled. Was J.W. Brown at Wesley Milligan's last winter? How is Rev. Andrew B.

About the assignment. I never got that which I assigned you for January but must see pay accounts re the matter. The slowness of this section of the RCOs is aggraving and the R A F is worse in that respect also.

Estelle sent a newspaper clipping of Tyne Valley news. It was the real local stuff Place the date on the top of the clippings

What is the latest accounts of Howatt? Lilly was asking if I received a letter from Doryse Stewart. Not yet. Mrs Birch's letter of last Tuesday said that her beau is Preston Gregg. Whats wrong with the girls or has he become a sensible he man with the approach of adolescence? I hope that Stewart Montgomery will be able to be traced over here. Its jolly good to meet an "Islander".

I was glad to hear that Hubert Hall got a commission. The grapes are not sour when I say I am glad to be a sergeant. He really will be like most of the pilot officers. When officers dues are collected they have really less spending money then we.

Have you had any news from Uncle Murrays or Freds?

This about covers the news and questions. It is splendid down here in England and fifty seven is a grand squadron. Write often

Much Love to All

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