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Date: April 5th 1941

April 5 1941

Dear Mother

The parcel arrived to-day in excellent condition. It was ideal and sometime when we come in late, tired, and hungry, that chicken and lobster will have made a tasty repast. We would like to have some of your own made fruit cake but let me warn you don't send another parcel without enclosing the news. Lily + Estelle Vivian and you omitted to do that and it is a disappointment to find no note in the parcel or tucked away in the folds of the wrapping. It must be a month since hearing the home news and you all can improve on that even if some of your letters do not reach me. Write many of them oftener. Are you getting any of my letters ? Are the cheques held up yet. Starting about the middle of Feb. they will be $60 per month and I hope they soon get the matter straight. The other boys have heard from home that they received theirs about Feb 2nd for the January assignment. No news on this bothers me in fact it makes me raging. Everything is going well with us and we certainly enjoy the time off to ourselves often work in our room. We have made it like home and there is always about a dozen Canadians in a day. yes I'm sure its the best place in all Scotland and George Jett (roommate) is my best pal. Bob Fullerton wrote and received his letter to-day also. Haven't seen nor heard from him since Jan 6 th.

Well I'm a bit tired and will ring off. We were flying to-day and it is getting to be a late hour so please excuse the little news and scolding I handed out. Hope you are all well write Soon


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