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Date: September 1940

Dear Mother.

It's the same old story still harder at it for exams. We had one on Friday and write most of them this week. I have been wondering about the letters from home perhaps you were waiting for me or just busy. Harvest is about wound up and the weather is uncomfortably cool. Most of us have little colds and my eyes are feeling the effects of overwork. Aspirin keep away the headaches. Howatt has written me three letters and just today did I get a letter on the way to him. I was glad to hear of him being a corporal it was a surprise about 3 weeks ago Vivian sent me a nice box of fudge and I haven't had the time to acknowledge it. How and where is grandmother also Mrs MacCausland? I have a photo which I shall send along soon. Haven't got a camera as I bought insurance by three weeks it will be all paid up and if I continue as an observer will have to get a watch real soon. The R.C.A.F. is expensive for the government and for the individual.

By this time school will soon have begun? Who are the teachers? Let me know all the news as to harvest, potatoes, and down to the turkeys. will write more news when exams are over write soon


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