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since I left Canada, I want to know so that I can look after it here. Now have you received any news concerning the allowance. As the for the first cigarette from the Grathé Co. I received them about 1 ½ month ago and as for your parcels, the first one which you sent in July, I have also received it, you must know by now but I repeat it in case you did not receive my letters because your last "air mail" letter, you seem not to receive my letters very often although I write every week sometimes even twice a week, tell me also if you have received my Holiday Season "Air Mail" letter. I have written twice since then, let me know about that and give me news about the family also. I cannot answer you letters not receiving any and as for what is new here, do not ask me; ask me personally, that is OK, I can answer.

I am finishing now as it is supper time

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From your husband who thinks very often of you and who hugs all of you


and do not forget me in your prayers

E41572 SPR. Lapointe P.
R.C.E. C.A.O.S.

always address in block letters