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Date: December 1st 1944



My dear wife,

I received your letter yesterday and I was very happy to have some news about every one, to find that you are all in good health is the main thing for now, I hope that things will be better later, you seem to be very lonely especially on Sundays, do not dwell on that it makes matters much worse and of this I know something. Also you tell me that you had run out of paper and that you had much more to tell me, you should have found a few more sheets to tell me everything because I believe that at your next letter you will have forgotten some of it. I received at the same time as your letter, one from Bijou and one from Elianne who announces her next little one. I will answer them, but not tonight, since I am writing by candlelight and it is very dark as you might see from my writing. Yvon had lunch with Zenon, he must have been glad, and he is doing very well and that is good. Also, you tell me that for those returning to Canada, their place has been taken, you should have sent me the newspaper or at least the piece which talked of that because it interests me also, it is my big preoccupation Ha!Ha!. But it is really bad for those who have been in England for the last 4 or 5 years to return to such situations. Now, you ask me where I am, you must have a good idea of it but I can't tell you, there are perhaps some who have that privilege, they are those at the rear. Regarding the "Maquis", if I understand correctly I have met some many times and have been hosted by them, I will tell you more about that later. All of you say in each letter I receive that you pray for me, it encourages me a great deal and gives me confidence in the future as I also pray very often for all of you as well as for myself. Regarding the letters, I have received them all as you must now know since I write 3 or 4 times a week, if you receive them all.

Note: It is uncertain whether or not the following page belongs to this letter.

The children also are lonely, I don't know when I will see you again and, this time, to stay. The weather is always the same, it rains and the water is very high. You must find that I only answer your questions, it is because I don't see very well tonight, I wanted to respond to Bijou's letter tonight but I will postpone that to tomorrow, it might be better then.

From your husband who thinks very much about all of you, and who kisses and who hugs you all including Annette, Bijou talks to me about her and it makes me much more lonely, she seems to love her very much.


Do not forget to include R.C.E. in the address as there are many F.I.E.L.D. and this is what makes the difference.

Note: Annette is the daughter born after he left; Bijou is his wife's sister; Eliane is his sister; Zenon is a brother-in-law; Yvon is his oldest son who was away at school.