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Date: December 1st 1916

From: Witley Camp, Godalming
1 Dec. 1916

Dear Mother -

Last Mon. night, I sent you a Christmas card with an enclosed note which I trust you have received ere you get this.

This past week, our battery has been duty battery so we have had extra fatigues. I and another fellow have been doing fatigue work in No. 5 Sick Detention Hut for the week, so I have not been on parade since last Saturday. The fatigue, I am on, is one of the easiest there is, so it has been like a week off. I merely have to help wash dishes and clean up the kitchen after breakfast and dinner.

Last Tues. I received two letters. I could not tell whom either of them were from until I had opened them. One was from Cassie Tennant, telling me the Young People's Guild had sent a Christmas box. The other was from cousin Grace, the envelope, I guess, addressed in cousin Herman's handwriting. She has also packed and sent me a box of eatables - candies, cake, raisins etc. - evidently quite a boxful of stuff. She said she did not know what to send so sent just things to eat, thinking that you would be sending my other things I might need. Neither of these boxes have as yet arrived. They evidently aren't coming as quickly as yours did. But, I won't need to worry about them for a couple of weeks yet anyway. She says that cousin Herman expects Clarence home for Xmas but she is afraid they won't be able to keep him, etc. etc.

I saw Willie Dickey again the other night. He, poor fellow, has only had one or two letters from home so far. In a letter from Beatrice, she only knew that he was in Halifax, I think. Lately, several drafts from battalions here have left for front. Willie does not know how soon he will have to go. He wanted me to go with him to a studio near the camp here and have a picture taken together. I have had two taken already, as you know, but could not well refuse and thought it would be rather nice. It seems he and another fellow about to go overseas had gone to get one taken - had purchased the ticket for a dozen pictures, then had gone out to fix up a bit and when they returned, the place was closed. As the other fellow left next morning, the picture could not be taken so he got me to sit with him. I will, of course, pay half the price and get half a dozen of the pictures. They won't be ready for over a week. It is just head and shoulders with greatcoats on. Am in first class health - very slight cold.

Love to all,

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