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Date: August 12th 1917
R. G. Brown

From: France
Sun. 12 Aug. 1917

Dearest Mother -

Another week has slipped around so it is about time I wrote again. I have received three letters from you recently. A week ago Sat. yours of July 15, next day, the one of July 18, in which I learned of the lovely parcel which I am go get, and last night, the one of July 25th. That last one came in quick time, did it not? - just seventeen days.

It is certainly too bad that Gladys didn't quite make it, but then she missed by very little and seems to have had a very easy time in getting a school. It is too bad she missed getting Ballycanoe, but that couldn't be helped. I was so glad to hear that Harold got them alright. I was almost afraid he might not.

Had a letter from J.S. about a couple of weeks ago in which she told me at great length about meeting Gladys at Lyn and the delightful impression she had, etc.

The fine days are frequently interspersed with showers of rain and whole rainy days. I had been reading in the papers about the dreadful heat in New York and other places and of the many deaths from starvation. So, you have been having it much warmer than I.

I was down from the guns the other day to a nearby village and had a bath, haircut and a good meal. It was splendid to be able to move around a bit and see folks in the village again. This seems to be a very beautiful part of the country but we do not have a chance to see much of it. There was three or four days last week when I did not feel very well. I have a cold now, but feel alright again.

I haven't seen Joe Greig now for quite awhile. Have sort of lost track of each other again. The summer is passing, isn't it? Just to think that by the time you get this, the schools will be opening up again. Lots of love to you, to Gladys, Harold, Cecil & to Arthur.
R.G. Brown

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