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Date: July 10th 1945
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

S/Sgt. Duncan R.J.
1 C.A.B.P.O. (staff)
10 July 45

My Own Two Sweethearts.

I guess I am what you might call – ‘showing favorable progress’ – at least this is the second day I have had my “Blues” and been out of bed. I can't say I feel exactly frisky though after 5 days in bed.

If you are short on laughs here is one for you – one of the Red Cross ladies in the hospital talked me into doing a bit of needle work. I tackled an etching in silk of Winchester Cathedral. It is almost done now and I will send it on so you can see how handy your husband has become with a needle – Save your big laugh for the day you receive it eh.

It is very pleasant here and the “Up” patients are not bad off for entertainment as shows and movies come along quite often. Last night I took advantage of being an “Up” patient, or "Blues" as they are called, to see the picture “Thunder Head”.

I don't know if the picture being in technicolor or the fact I still have horses in my blood had most to do with it but I enjoyed the show. The show however was all I wanted of – being up – as I was in my bed 15 minutes from the end of the show at 700 P.M.

I should answer letters from Mum and Helen which I received before coming in here but I seem to have little heart for writing while the road ahead is so vague. The prospects of a move the way I would like it seem so slim at the moment that it annoys me to even think of it.

I may be wrong and sincerely hope I am.

Well Love I think its about time I was folding up for just now.

My Fondest Love as Ever is All for My Own Two Forget-Me-Nots.

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