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Date: October 29th 1944
Patricia Duncan - (daughter)
Robert Duncan

Sgt. Duncan R.J.
P.T.S. - C.P.C.
Cdn. Sect. G.H.Q.2 Ech.
21 A.G. Can. Army O/S.
29 Oct. 44

Hello Paddy Girl,

Here goes for just a few lines to let you know I have bought you another Victory Bond. After all what better could I spend it on than a bond to help get this war over. No doubt when the time comes for it to be paid back you will be able to find a good use for it.

I hit a lucky streak again today – Yes Sir I got two letters from you and Mother, dated 15 and 17 Oct. I wrote to Mother last night and in my letter I said I was looking for more mail in a day or two and this morning, bingo, I got it.

I am what they call "Orderly Joe" today and have I ever had a busy time until 3 o'clock in the afternoon – From then on I dont expect to be too busy though as the whole staff got a half day off for the first time since they moved to this place.

There is a big indoor swimming pool here so if I get the chance you may not have to teach me to swim again when I get home after all. Here's me talking about summer sport and you are likely getting all set for skating and skis. I suppose you are getting pretty good on skates by now.

Mother tells me you are growing to be a pretty big girl – even bigger than you look in the snap shots. You sure have grown heavier since I last saw you. 75 Pounds is pretty good a little girl 9 years old.

With Christmas coming along again I find myself wondering if you still have that little row of houses for the top of the radio. Oh boy I can hardly wait for my first Xmas back home with you and Mother; a decorated tree, snow on the ground, lots of lights a warm house, a turkey in the oven, presents for everyone and friends all around! Not this year Little Sweetheart but next year I'll bet a cookie.

Now I'm afraid I'll have to close for this time.

Give Mother a big hug and kiss for me and I'll pay you back as soon as I see you.

With all my love My Little Lady

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