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Date: May 19th 1944
Patricia Duncan - (daughter)
Robert Duncan

Sgt. Duncan R.J.
Cdn Army Overseas
19 May 44

Hello My Little Sweetheart

A couple days ago I wrote a few lines to you but due to another little change in our censor regulations I could not send it to you. So here I am trying to put down a few words for you in another form. These regulations are all for our own good and safety so I am not complaining.

This morning I received Mother's air letter of May 10th so I am happy right clean through again.

My oh my what a time you two must be having between house cleaning and gardening. One of these sweet days I will be back with you to do my share of all that and am I ever looking forward to it. I can't help thinking what a wonderful help you must be to mother now. I have to keep reminding myself that you are a big girl now and not the little girl not yet going to school as was the case when I came away to help with the job.

Talking of school, it will soon be summer holiday time again and then I will be looking for a letter from you telling me how you made out on your Exams. Of course there will be other things to write about too and I will look forward to getting that letter.

Im enclosing a stamp which is by no means common and will be great for OUR collection. It is a double header of Hitler and Musso. What a team to have on one stamp! Dont lose it Honey, they are scarce.

How about the swim question? No answer yet so in case you didn't think of it the last time you wrote Im asking again - Can You Swim yet?

So now with a mountain of work coming in right away I better sign off and get set for it.

Dont forget that letter will you Paddy Girl.

All My Love as always is "Special Reserve" for my own Two Forget-Me-Nots, You and Mother.

Lovingly Your
XXXX Daddy.

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