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Date: March 2nd 1944
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

Thur. 2 March 1944

Hi My Two Sweethearts

I have just come in from seeing the play "The Student Prince," made a cup of tea and now a few lines to you.

The play was truly grand and something I have often wanted to see. I could almost see you in the part of "Kathie," Mother – the singing was very good except the tenor in the cadets chorus – he could not reach his highs so they had to write them down and when you know they should be up it sort of takes the keen edge off the number.

I was alone and would have given something if you could have been with me to enjoy a show I know you would have enjoyed. There is a programme enclosed and in it there is that little strip of black paper I mentioned once before. [drawing of three lines radiating down over a circle] It is dropped by raiding planes to deflect the beam of radio location. The R.A.F. have been using it for a long time and Mr nasty has just found out what its for.

Your air letter of Feb 21st reached me on Feb 29th so yours are continuing to make pretty good time, I wish you could say the same of mine but at least you know I am writing them.

You mention the garden – It looks like another year for you to do the farming alright. Wonder if I could make stuff grow now.

By the sound of things waffles have become a great favorite at our house. I can almost see "Nanna" arriving with the waffle iron under her arm all set for a combined operations assault.

I have only had the one note from Jack since he returned from leave so there is no news of him that you haven't heard.

I wrote to Paddy Girl last night so I think I am doing rather well this week for a change.

The other fellows are getting into bed so I guess I better sign off so as to be ready to turn off the lights. I can do with some sleep myself so will close.

As Ever, My Love all belongs to my Two Forget-me-Nots for all time to Come.

XX Daddy XX

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