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Date: September 15th 1943
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

Wed. 15 Sept. 43

My Own Two Sweethearts.

Just a few lines to let you know I'm OK but still looking very much to the day we will all be together again. Gee what plans you can hear the boys making. And I'm right in there making my share of them and day dreaming if I'm not up to my eyes in work.

You will have to overlook the fact my letters are inclined to be very short and not very newsy but I am keeping them rolling.

I have not so far had as much time for letters as I had expected to be having at this time but perhaps things will improve.

Your letters have been a great help and sound so much happier since your holidays. Just keep those chins up a little while longer, I have a feeling is wont be long now.

Until all those Dreams of ours come true
All My Love Always

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Original Scans