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Date: July 12th 1943
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

12 July 43

"West Lights"

My Own Two Sweethearts:–

Aunt Babs is away to town, Uncle Dave is down the river trying his luck with the lines so heres a chance to put a few words out to let you know I'm still here and enjoying my usual lazy time in good old Scotland.

The weather is rather unsettled but I am making plans to go up in the hills to gather a little heather and am nursing hopes of finding even just a wee sprig of the white heather too. It is very rare.

I spent my first night of leave with Jack in London. Cye Wales who rooms with Jack, and Todd Reid and Walter Grime who room together, were in on the re-union so we had quite a talk feast. Every angle of the past, present and prospects of the future were fully discussed so before we knew we had started, the time was past midnight. I sure enjoy these get togethers.

Aunt Babs has just come in sporting 4 new laid eggs so it looks like a real treat for tea.

And it was a real treat. I often wonder how you are making out for eggs now. We sometimes go months without even seeing them. Civies are getting them in powdered form now, in tins about the same as baking powder.

Another day goes by.
We went out to get some heather today. I say We because Uncle Dave went along with me to act as guide, body guard, personal adviser and social companion. For his age he is a very active and remarkably quick witted man. I must say Aunt Babs isn't a step behind him in any way.

No White Heather.

Tues 20 July 43
I will get this letter put together one of these days. Started it in Tayport and had all kinds of plans to write while there but gosh you cant listen to what a person is saying to you, answer them with any degree of sense and write at the same time so here I am back in my tent to finish the job.

Another visitor at Tayport while I was there was a Mrs. Mary McIntyre, a rather famous spiritualist. She insisted that I was completely surrounded and asked me if I would care to hear what messages she might get from those who had passed on. Most people laugh at this sort of thing but believe me Dear her descriptions of Those who have gone on and the messages would make anyone stop and think. I don't know why I'm telling you about this as I am afraid I can't tell you in a letter, a great deal about it. I know I could never write it in such a way as to make it properly understood. Lets just put it down as the strangest evening and by no means the least interesting of my leave. In fact a very satisfactory evening to my mind. Lets hope the day isnt so very far away when I will be able to tell you all about the sitting.

As I told you in my air letter, I spent another night with Jack on my way back down.

The more I think of their suite the more I Day Dream. Some day my Love those Day Dreams of the Past are coming back for keeps!

We went to a stage show at the Empire Theatre, Acton. All the seats were gone except a box – you know those overhanging bird’s nests where the claw hammer coats and boiled shirts sit. Four of us clubbed together and paid the 18 shillings for that. The show was very good and the seats perfect. One act was the best team of jugglers I ever saw but their comedians are always pretty RAW with their wise cracks and patter.

I must say I returned from this leave feeling the most refreshed I have returned from any leave yet – I put it down chiefly to the fact that Fritz has not been able to get raiders through to any extent lately.

Well Hon it looks like I have to get back on the job so I'll close with All My Love as ever.


PS Am enclosing a sprig of heather, will send more in a small parcel.

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