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Date: May 26th 1943
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

Wed. May 26/43

Hello My Two Sweethearts:–

Here goes for a few lines by the slow route again.

Right off the bat I must tell you that I have made the raise of a small battiry radio. Nothing elaborate but now the bush has lost a lot of its former dullness in the evenings when we are not busy. Of course our days are pretty well taken care of and the same can be said of a good few of our evenings but now at least we get the news and hear a bit of music - What a help!

The machine takes a wet battery but fortunately we can get them re-charged in the work shop of the unit to which we are attached.

I have been rather fortunate in my letters lately. Your air-letter of May 17th came in yesterday

I was not surprised to hear that Walter G. is getting married again. I guess I don't know the lady of his choice but in my estimation she is getting an ideal man – Walter has always been aces high in my mind. Please convey my very best wishes for their future Happiness. That is one wedding I would like to accompany you to.

Tell Walt from me that in view of his action, I am led to believe he is enjoying all the health I could wish him. How is Robert getting along now? Are his eyes improving? It is getting hard for me to draw a mind picture of some of those youngsters. After all, as you say Dear, three years is a long time to be away and I assure you I think of more than my (Our) little Daughter when that thought crosses my mind.

I will most certainly be looking for that Parcel with the bars from Pat

Just one thing I look for more than my mail now and that is the day I will turn my face to Canada and follow the setting sun to the place I am proud to call home.

I am enclosing a letter I received from Mum – Evidently things are going very smooth. Perhaps I shouldn't send letters back that I receive but I want you to see how happy Mum seems about Jack’s change and one or two other things.

So until our Great Day and Forever More Darling
All My Love.

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