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Date: January 18th 1943
Wife & daughter
Robert Duncan

Jan 18th 1943

How Are My Two Sweethearts Tonight?

Feeling just as good as I do, I hope, even if we do have to put up with a longing and almost lonesome feeling. I’m alone in the room tonight and took a kit clearing fit with the result I am sending you these few trinkets which I better explain – The brass CPCs and Canadas are my own which I have not worn since coming over so rather than take any further chance of losing them out of my junk I am sending them Home – The other badges are just souvenirs I have picked up – The two watches (needing attention) cost me a 6 penny raffle ticket each. I had an idea the small one would perhaps help Pat if it doesn’t need too much work to set it right. I do intend getting her one something like yours when she gets a little older but for a start it might do the trick. If the bigger one wouldn’t cost too much to repair and you had the work done I could turn it over quickly on this side as a lot of the boys are in need of them and we can’t get reliable repair service now. Too many of the places have developed the trick of removing jewels and replacing them with glass. Not so good! I took a metal strap off the big watch as the leather one on my own watch was about shot. By the way my own watch is standing the service very well.

Will you return the Ration Card to Gerty and ask her to please get me another as this one is about all used up. (And so would I be after that much)

There are a few stamps and another of those funny pieces of green money for Paddy Girl. I guess you two are laying plans already for Easter are you.

Now I must explain something I was forgetting. Theres a piece of soft leather, 2 pieces of rubber and a piece of hard rubber fastened together – This is the way the gas tanks of planes are made self-healing against bullets and flak. This Henkel needed something more than a good protection for its gas tanks to go any further! The leather is sewn right onto the outside of the tank and the layers of rubber go over that in the order they are fastened together, that is tank, leather, thick rubber, thin rubber and hard rubber. They seal a bullet hole almost 100% and quick too!

In this letter I will also acknowledge your parcel of Dec 18 just received but not yet opened – I don’t know yet why – and also your air-letter of Jan 7th which I told you of receiving in my weekend airgraph. Surprise of this one was Dave Nayler joining the C.P.C. and going to the Air Force Branch. I suppose he is slated for a Comm. Can’t see any other reason he would leave especially after Sid’s death. So you dread the thought of me going back to the office after the show do you. To tell you the truth I dread it myself to such an extent that I am playing with the idea of getting a small office for myself and stop being a little toad in a big puddle. Let me know what you think of the idea.

We have had a very mild winter so far as regards cold weather but have not been forgotten as far as rain goes. I think Im OK now though as I have developed web feet. It makes our work Very interesting to try running a post office from the tail end of a truck with a driving rain and not lose money on spoiled stock – I do that and manage to keep everything dry but sometimes wonder how. Mr Nasty didn’t like what the boys were doing to Berlin so tried to return the compliment last night without a great deal of satisfaction to himself – It was a great show of lights and flak and some of the new wrinkles they pulled on him were very interesting to watch (from a distance). As a great many of them jettisoned their load of eggs to turn and run for home they didn’t get a chance. They tried it again at about 530 in the morning with no better results to themselves.

24 hours ago I started this mess and then came a call, then as the books always say “Then came the dawn of another day” At last I am back to see what sort of tripe is lined up in the top room.

You haven’t mentioned getting my Xmas card – I hope they didn’t go down as I sent a letter or at least a note with each one.

Gosh the gang are in like a pack of wolves so I may as well sign off and try it another time.

All My Love My Two Forget-Me-Nots.
Fondest Love

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