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Date: July 3rd 1945
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

July 3/45

Dear Marg and Marie,–

I received your letter of June 28. Marg. No I’m no worse for the time spent in detention, in fact I got back some of the weight I lost while fighting in the front lines through some of those tough fights in February. You didn’t actually say what you thought of my going A.W.L. in your letter Marg. You told me what all the rest of the family said but you didn’t say exactly how they took it. By the sound of your letter I think you are all sorry for what I did. If you are you certainly don’t understand how things run over here. I wish you would tell me exactly what you do think so I’ll know where I stand. I am not a bit sorry myself for what I did, I don’t regret it at all, in fact it took a lot of nerve for me to make up my mind in the first place. The corporal that went A.W.L. with me got a letter from home recently, in answer to his explanation. They wrote and told him that he should be ashamed of himself for doing such a thing. As soon as he had read the letter he immediately signed up for perminent force with the Queen’s Own Rifles after the war. That means he’ll be in the army till he’s and old man. I would say that his people are really ignorant of the life that he has been leading over here. They are the ones that ought to feel ashamed of themselves not him. You read about all the swell times we are supposed to be having over here and what a fast life some of us lead. That is all a bunch of baloney made to keep you people over there in a better mood, than if the true facts were to come out.

I haven’t heard anything more about coming home. I’ll know more about that in the middle of this month. I think myself that I have already had [Burma?].

I think I have changed a bit Marg. but not basically. Although it is right about all the disease floating around over here. You were asking about Morgan. Perhaps he has been too busy to write home lately. He works rather long hours being a cook. I just left him a few minutes ago, I was down to his kitchen to get a snack before climbing into bed.

So you’ve been getting a tan eh. It’s about time I was getting one myself I’m about as white as the table cloth except for my face.

Oh yes I have a new job now. I’m no longer with A Coy the rifle Coy. but with H.Q. Coy. instead and working in the post office sorting the mail and looking after money orders and telegrams etc. I’m working with Hugh Lamb, there are just the two of us looking after the battalion mail so I am now my own censor and can talk quite freely in my letters. We work rather long hours and steady but the time goes a lot faster. I also have no more parades to go on or any long walks at all, we are our own boss and are never told what to do by any one.

Well girls it is about time to hit the hay now so I’ll say “goodnight” and “so long” for now. I was glad to receive your letter Marg.

Your loving brother

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