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Date: January 27th 1945
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Jan. 27/45

Dear Marg and Marie,–

Well girls here I am and again I must say a little late. The reason being we were just brought back from the front for a 7 days rest. The conditions under which we were living at the front didn't permit us to have much time to ourselves. Then when we finally did get a little time I usually got caught up on my sleep. You see we are badly in need of reinforcements over here. I haven't received any mail now for almost 2 weeks. My Christmas mail from Frances hasn't caught up to me yet. Quite a number of the fellows are having the same trouble. It isn't a very good morale booster. I don't mean that people haven't been writing but it must all be stopped some place. They have been trying to give us a good time while we are on our rest. They have a different show for us every day. Then down in the town there is a Canada Club that gets some rather good [?] Shows. They had a selection of the Canadian Army Show playing there the other night. After the show the boys have free hamburgers and coffee. Our regiment had a dance last night, but were rather short on women. I had to laugh when eating time came. These people over here seem to be half starved. They ate everything in site practically. Some of the older women who had rather big hand bags proceeded to put plates of cakes and cookies in them. For fuel over here they burn any thing they can get their hands on. Some of them go out on the street and pick up little pieces of coal and wood. Morgan has got a steady job as cook behind the lines now. He is still in our regiment though. He doesn't like the idea of being away from the boys, I think he is about fed up with the job already.

Well girls it is almost time for supper so I'll say “so long” for now

Your loving brother

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