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Date: December 11th 1944
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Rfn. Harber T.L.
1st Batt. Q.O.R. of C.
A. Coy. C.A.O.
Dec 11/44.

Dear Marg and Marie,–

Well girls here I sit now in Holland. What a country this is, practically all water. I think the only thing that keeps it afloat are the windmills that pump the water over one dyke and then over the next and so on until all is cleared out. When I was reading fairy tales of Holland I never once dreamed I'd ever see the place but here I am. I was just thinking of how many different countries I've been in Canada, States, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany to come makes 9. I have used 6 different kinds of money, German money makes 7, I have seen plenty of it but I doubt very much if it will be any good after the war or not.

I came to Holland about 4 days ago. From where I am situated now you can hear the big Artillery guns quite plain. I expect to be with the boys in just a few days. I was up to see them yesterday and again to-day. In fact I am with Morgan now. He came up on the draft before me. Right now they happen to be out for a rest, so they are quite a distance back from the lines. I think you should remember me mentioning a kid by the name of Hemingway in some of my other letters from England. Well anyway after I was wounded he found some of the pictures of the family and Frances and a few more that I had lost and kept them for me right up until now. There isn't much fierce fighting going on now. I imagine it will never be as bad as it was the first few weeks we were in action.

I was showing Morgan some of your pictures and he couldn't get over what a couple of good looking sisters I have. He says the first he does on getting back to Canada is visit the Harber sisters. (Honk, Honk.)

This is Dec. 11/44 eh well I guess in 2 days I'll be 22. My mail hasn't caught up with me yet except for 600 cigarettes from Dad, but it will be coming regularly again as soon as I get back with the outfit.

Again girls I’ll wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New Year. So long for now.

Your big brother

[signature added to bottom left of page (likely that of the censoring officer)]

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