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Date: November 25th 1944
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Rfn. Harber T.L.
1st Batl. Q.O.R. of Can.
Nov. 25/44

My Two Dearest Little Sisters,–

Well Marg and Marie here I am at last in Belgium in fact in Dearest Belgium as the Flemish call it and boy how dear it is. It is even more expensive than England. I arrived here about three days ago I don't expect to be going to the front lines for a week or more yet. When I came here to C.B. [RG?] Who do you think was back from the front lines with trench feet, no one else then Morgan himself. So since we met we have celebrated our meeting. That was the first I had seen him since D day. Belgium is a queer place. Every other store is a cafe with music or abandon it to dance to. You would die laughing if you saw the people dance. They do nothing but jump up and down in the one spot and flap their elbows. They dance to music like Run Rabbit Run. In some of the cafe’s they have our own music played on record. They sell beer and connyack (like whisky) in all of the cafe’s. The beer they sell is still German beer without the faintest kick. Morgan and I have been dancing several times we really have a lot of fun. Oh yes one game they have is “The boy and girl get in the middle of the room and kiss while the rest dance around. Some of the girls fall all in love and begin crying as soon as the guy wants to leave them. I have never been in that game yet. I think it's a little too dangerous and rather hot for little me. We have quite a time trying to talk to the women. With a little French and Flemish and then Dutch and English thrown in we manage to get along. Morgan and I have had quite a number of invitations out to houses since we came.

I would send you girls souvenirs only there is no use putting them in the letter because the censors take them out.

It seems to be getting rather close to Christmas girls and again I am sorry I won't be able to send you any gifts. We will wait and see what next Christmas brings.

I met Franny [Lomenux?] since I came here he has been wounded but wasn't sent back to England.

While I was coming over the channel on the boat I tore a mucsal in my chest and it has to be tapped up for a while. Then I will be going back up. I'll keep you posted. Morgan won't be going back unless he volunteers with me.

Well girls I am awfully sorry I can't be with you this Christmas but anyhow I wish you both Marg. and Marie a very Merry Christmas.

So long for now
Merry Christmas.
Your big brother

P.S. Send my mail to the Q.O.R.

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