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Date: November 2nd 1944
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Still England.
Nov. 2/44

My Two Dear Little Sisters,–

Here I am again girls and still in dear old England. I received a letter from each of you yesterday and was very glad to get them. I showed the Zombie poem to some of the fellows. They thought it was pretty good. Talking about Zombies, that happens to be the main topic of conversation over here with us now. You would laugh if you heard the way the fellows talk of them, or maybe your face would go red on hearing the language. So you had a birthday Marg. I always seem late with any greetings but anyway you have them. I suppose I could send you some souvenirs as well girls. When I was in France I came across all sorts of things that would be interesting for you to see. But we have to travel as light as possible and if you start weighing yourself down with a bunch of little things, well after you have carried your pack a while it begins to get heavy. I though my pack away on D day for that reason and never bothered to wear one after that. I will see what I can do when I go back. Oh yes you were asking which way the wound on my head run. I thought I had told you in a letter written from the hospital. But anyway the Machine gun bullet went in the left side of my helmet and ran around my head and came out the back. I have the invasion helmet down at Eaton’s. I intend to take it home with me when I go. Then you can see how lucky I was.

I got another weekend pass and went to Bournemouth with a couple of pals of mine that are in the Q.O.R. They have both been wounded and came overseas at the same time as I did. One of the fellows is going back to Canada any day so we stayed over our past a few days and really gave him a good send off. The people of Bournemouth treated us extra good as we had been stationed there for quite some time before going to France. We walked into a pub and right off this old couple invited us for a few beers. The lady was about 50 and her husband the same. I had to laugh. When the old girl asked us to stay at her house for the time we were going to be in town, one of the boys said, “Say do you know what I think. I think that you are trying to pick us young men up.” They even both laughed but still brought us home and gave us more beer. We stayed with them for 4 days. Right now we are back at camp pain for our good time. The C.O. gave us a few days Field Punishment. That is merely doing odd jobs after parade hours. Every night we go marching up the road with a pale in one hand and a scrub brush in the other. I have only 8 more days to do, after to-day. I did have 15 days. I know “I am a bad boy.”

Sorry I couldn't write sooner girls but you will here from me again soon

Your big brother

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