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Date: July 28th 1944
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Rfn. Harber T.L.
1st. Batt. Q.O.R. of C.
13 Gen. Hosp.
[Ward D.?]
July 28/44

My Two Dearest Little Sisters Marg and Marie,–

Well girls here is that Big Brother of yours again. I hope when you get this you will already have gotten my other letter giving you the lowdown on things.

The wound is healing up OK now and they have stopped applying penicillin treatments to it. I had some stitches put in it yesterday, I am not sure how many yet, when I find out I'll let you know. When I came too after they had finished putting this stitches in I felt like a drunken man and began laughing and laughing, they must have thought I was off my nut. That is really good stuff they give you I don't mind it at all. I should be out of here soon I think I don't think it will take very long for it to finish healing now. The only trouble I have is the odd headache every once in a while and I still can't hear out of my left ear but the M.O. said, in time, that it should clear up. I am not a bed patient any longer, I am able to get up and roam around the grounds. If we wish we can get passes to leave the hospital grounds, but I don't bother with those because the blue uniform they give us isn't worth wearing to the sh--- h---. They have a dry canteen run by the Y.M.C.A. that isn't a bad place to put the hours in at. The Red Cross and practically every organization you can name help us out in any way we ask them too.

I hope you girls are still planning the champagne party because I don't intend to forget about it. Here's hopeing you are both well, I'll keep you informed on how the wound is healing and what I am doing “so long” for now.

Your big brother
xxx xxx

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Original Scans