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Date: June 4th 1944
Lloyd Harber
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)

June 4/44
Rfn. Harber T.L.
1st. Batt. Q.O.R. of C.
A. Coy.

My Two Dearest Little Sisters,–

Well girls I hope you aren't too much annoyed with me at not writing you sooner. The truth is we have been doing an over amount of soldiering lately. I won't be able to answer your last letters as I haven't got them with me.

I expect you girls have been having a good time Of it lately with all your new boy-friends etc. Well I myself have met rather a cute little English broad. In fact she has got it over Francis R. in a lot of ways. You ought too have read some of the mail I get from her. Gee whiz I have never read any thing like it before. They certainly don't mind telling you exactly what they think. The only thing that gets me not to liking ’em too much is they get talking of marriage and things too soon after you have met them.

Well girls at present I am on board a ship some where off the coast of Fog Island. We are going into action in just a few hours, the big moment has at last gotten around so I guess my time in the army wasn't all waste after all eh.

I hope this thing is all over by the coming Christmas as Monty says. I sure would like to be home by then. This being Sunday all the R.C.’s went to Mass and Communion on board ship this morning so I am well waterproffed for the big push.

Well girls space is getting to be some what limited so I'll say “so long” for now and you'll be hearing from me again in the near future.

Your big brother
With lots of love

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