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Date: June 29th 1945
Jennie Lightbody - (sister)
Alexander Lightbody

430 Squadron
RCAF Overseas
June 29, 1945

Hiya Buck,

Thanks for the pix of you and your four eyes. Afraid Ill have to say the picture without them looks twice as good. Since when did Mary and you go for looking like the gold dust twins?

How did the exams go? Suppose you’ll be back working at the beanery soon.

Have just come back from Holland. Will have to take back all I said about the burghers down around Eindhoven last winter. The popsies up around Hilversum and Utrecht are bang on. Wish we were still in a liberated country instead of up here in krautland with nothing to do.

The backyard in the pictures is looking pretty grim. Looks like you’d better get cracking during the holidays.

The stockings arrived O.K. some time ago. Thanks a lot for charging with the light brigade


Original Scans

Original Scans