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Date: April 3rd 1945
Jennie Lightbody - (sister)
Alexander Lightbody

430 Squadron
RCAF Overseas
April 3, 1945

Dear Buck,

Well, how did you make out with the Easter exams. If you flunked you’ll have four eyes to study for the June ones anyway. Going to get your self a big black horn rimmed pair?

Thanks for getting the pair of stockings. That will help me get out of the dog house for kicking a hole in Jeannies last pair when we went dancing.

Don’t know how you strained your eyes looking for a man when you didn’t even get one to go to the sweater hop with you. Bad show Buck.

Just put the stockings in my next parcel and call the whole thing “Airmans comforts” and let it go at that. Individual items like chocolate or cheese don’t have to be listed either.

How old is Jeanne? A mere child. She’s having her twenty-first birthday this month. How’d you like me to bring you home a twenty one year old sister-in-law? And almost as big a screw-ball as you.

Got the yaller sweater finished yet? Any yaller bobby soxs to match it?

Have all my stuff packed up just now but I’ll send you some pix for you pocket book next time, but don’t think I’ve many recent ones.

Have you seen any good shows lately? The ones we’ve been having over here have been real stinkers – mostly horse operas or ones so old that every body saw them when they were seven.

Guess thats about all the griff for now

Good luck in the exams
[drawing of glasses]
yuk yuk yuk

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Original Scans