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Date: February 28th 1945
Jennie Lightbody - (Alexander's sister)
Alexander Lightbody

68, Oxford Close,

Dear Jennie

Many thanks for your letter which reached me the day Al came on leave. He’s pretty scared that you’ve been telling tales out of school.

Seems that England isn’t the only rainy place according to your letter. Only last week Al was shooting a heck of a line about New Westminster’s perfect weather. It’s really funny to listen to these Canadian boys over here. Each thinks his part of Canada is the only part. Those from the east moan about “you damned westerners” and the westerners say “those damn foreigners from the east” Their favourite expression is that Paradise begins west of the Rockies. I guess Paradise will be pretty wet judging by the weather you’ve been having.

Have you decided what to do after leaving school? Sounds as if you’ll be pleased to leave. It nearly broke my heart when I left, I really loved it.  Was hoping to go to a veterinary college, dogs being the love of my life. Instead, along came the dirty old war, and the Ministry of Labour decided that it was either an aircraft factory or A.T.S., so I chose the lesser of the two evils. Didn’t fancy wearing khaki anyway. Luckily I don’t have to drive in rivets or anything like that, but spend most of the time trying to make head or tail of the R.A.F. forms we have sent in.

I guess Al is just as crazy over here as he was in Canada, you certainly can’t be miserable with him around. Dancing with him is always good for a laugh, too. My attempts at dancing lessons haven’t been too successful. Don’t think he was meant to be a hep-cat somehow or other. He’s about as graceful as a cow. But whether he can dance or not, I still think he’s the sweetest person I know, and this seven days leave is really flying by, unfortunately.

Walking home at night is no fun though. Buses stop running pretty early these days, and as I live quite a way from town, we invariably miss the last one, which isn’t so good as it entails a four mile hike.

Hope your weather is better now. Believe me, I do know what it’s like when it rains for days. Looks as if we may be having a good summer this year. Hope so, for last summer was so cold I didn’t even swim once.

Well, cheerio for now, Buck. Thanks again for the letter.


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