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Date: February 5th 1945
Jennie Lightbody - (sister)
Alexander Lightbody

430 Squadron
RCAF Overseas
February 5, 45.

Hi Buck,

So you scrounged the extra two quid did you? I figured as much.

Are your feet worn off down to the ankles yet?

Maybe you and Jeannie don’t realize it but your looking for a thick lip for this telling out of school. When I go to England on leave in a couple weeks young Jeannes in for a clobbering and Ill get you later. She’s been on a few of those RCAF parties in London too. Don’t see how she can talk about weaving through this blackout. I’ve seen her when she wasn’t walking straight. The pair of us have sure been on some wizard do’s.

 By the results of the exams I’d say that you’re due for another year at Connaught. Pull your sox up sharpie or you’ll be writing sups in September.

You seem to have done pretty well at exmas. How does the new coat look – worth a summers work? I’m still wearing blue this year.

I lost my favourite pipe so Jeannie sent me a new one the other day. Am busy now breaking it in.

Our billiards table here is just a small Russian billiard table with skittles on it. Have lost a good few guilders playing on it too! Guess I need some practice too.

All for now

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Original Scans