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Date: December 28th 1944
Jennie Lightbody - (sister)
Alexander Lightbody

430 Squadron RCAF
RCAF Overseas
December 28 1944

Dear Buck,

This one seems to have been started quite a while ago. But better late than later still eh? Have a letter of yours here somewhere to answer but goodness knows if I can find it. It seems I can’t find it but it was the one with the clippings in it about your back this holiday from school. You probably couldn’t have gone to school anyway for three days for the smell of the fish about. How did the xmas exams turn out. Bags of reds I’ll bet.

What are you worried about the trophies for. Its a cinch you never won anything at a track and field day unless it was the ice-cream eating championship.

Did you get on at the post office O.K? Nothing like earning a few extra bobs is there.

Think I’ll have to start sending you gum soon. I’ve got more gum around here than I could chew in a year. Can always trade it to the burghers here for eggs tho!

Well Buck its about time I was back into my Murder Mystery. Have some sox to wash too. And no lux available. My my.


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