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Date: January 30th 1944
Jennie Lightbody - (sister)
Alexander Lightbody

January 30th 44

Hullo stinky the poet,
If you’ve got any brains
You don’t show it.

Except for getting out of the Xmas exams. That was a nice bit of manuevering. Thanks for the collosal Xmas card. There’s nothing like saving stamps and envelopes is there stinky?

Got some snap shots from Phil the other day of some of the lads and lassies in the dark blue jobs. Not bad either.

I could still smell the herring on your letter even after it came all this way. Why don’t you wash your dirty fishy hands. can catch a faint whiff of the lifebouy now and then too. Never mind. The soap we get over here is worse than that. Costs coupons to buy it too. Nothing we’re buying is not costing coupons. Such a deal I’m having. For mine own brother I’m not been giving any better quality.

Took Cam up to see Glen (my English popsie) when I met him. Her cousin was there at the time so we had a hang of a party. Bags of panic. Am getting pretty good at English party games – darts and shove ha’penny. The old bridge is coming right along too. Only lost 2/6 the last time I played. Simply didn’t have a clue.

I bashed an old Hurricane all to bits the other day. What a pile of rubbish it is now. I laughed like a drain when it happened it was so funny. What a loud crunch it made.

Dont eat too much at the baggis-bashers supper. Soon there’ll be no room under your chin for your violin. Hope you had a good day out to Bert and ‘erbert in Nice types. Oh!

All for now.

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