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Date: February 1st 1946
Newspaper Article

[Published in the newspaper The Daily Colonist, Victoria, B.C., February 1, 1946, page three.]

From Brigadier to Private, Empire Recognizes Valor at Investiture

Sixty-seven British Columbia men and one woman were honored at Government House yesterday when Lieutenant-Governor W.C. Woodward presented them with awards earned in the days of war. Thirty-two of those decorated were Victoria and Island men.

Ranging in rank from brigadier to private, and including wartime trades from pilot to cook, the re­cipients gathered in Government House ballroom and marched one by one to the platform to receive their decorations and shake hands with the Lieutenant-Governor while relatives, guests and senior officers watched. In the front row of spec­tators was Gen. H.D.G. Crerar, C.H., C.B., D.S.O., and Mrs. Crerar.

Hearty applause greeted the brief stories of heroism and outstanding merit on land, sea and air as Capt. J.G. Cromack, private secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor, read sum­maries of each citation.

Assisting with presentations were Lt.-Cmdr. Hew Paterson, aide-de-camp to the Lieutenant-Governor; Flt. Lt. B.V. Brodeur, R.C.A.F., and Lt.-Col. Reginald Mitchell.

The Lieutenant-Governor wore the uniform of an honorary colonel in Royal Canadian Artillery as he presented decorations which in­cluded four O.B.E.'s, ten M.B.E.’s, 12 D.S.C.’s, two D.S.C.’s and Bar, two Bars to the D.S.C., three M.C.’s, six D.F.C.’s, 12 D.S.M.’s, two M.M.'s, one D.F.M., nine B.E.M.'s, and one Croix de Guerre.

Brig. J.M. Rockingham, C.B., D.S.O., 1290 Union Avenue, who "displayed remarkable courage and resourcefulness” during an attack on Verriers village on July 24, received a Bar to his D.S.O.

To Brig. F.N. Cabeldu, C.B., 622 Falkland Road, went a D.S.O. Bar for gallantry and outstanding leadership in the Northwest Europe campaign.

O.B.E.’s went to Cmdr. S. Mc­Master, R.C.N., 992 Gorge Road West; Cmdr. H.L. Elliott, Colquitz, and others. Among those receiving the M.B.E. were Lt.-Cmdr. A.M.P. Scaife, Esquimalt; Maj. A.H. Gun­ning, 2550 Lansdowne Road; Lt.-Cmdr. J.H. Kyle, Esquimalt; R.S.M. F. Fisher, 532 Paradise Street, and R.S.M. J.M. Green, Port Alberni.

The list follows:

Bar to D.S.O. – Brig. Rockingham.

D.S.O. and Bar – Brig. Cabeldu

D.S.O. – Maj. D.D. Sweeting, Trail.

O.B.E. – Lt.-Col. E.F. Allen; Cmdr. McMaster; Cmdr. Elliott; Lt.-Cmdr. W.G. Dolmage, Vancouver.

M.B.E. – Maj. K.E. Morris; Maj. H.C. Bray, E.D., Vancouver; Lt.-Cmdr. Scaife; Maj. E.L. Hartley, Vancouver: Lt.-Cmdr. Kyle; Maj. G.H. Gunning; Lt. E.L. Pang­man, Vancouver; R.S.M. Fisher; R.S.M. Green; Q.M.S. W.A. Roberts, Vancouver.

D.S.C. and Bar – Capt. J.D. Pren­tice, D.S.O., R.C.N., 1159 Beach Drive; Lt.-Cmdr. G.W. Stead, Van­couver.

Bar to D.S.C. – Cmdr. A.H.G. Storrs, Esquimalt; Capt. C. A. King, Esquimalt.

D.S.C. – Cmdr. R.A. Webber, Es­; Lt.-Cmdr. H.L. Quinn, Esquimalt; Lt.-Cmdr. D.W. Groos, Esquimalt; Lt.-Cmdr. W.H. Wilson; Lt.-Cmdr. P.D. Budge, Esquimalt; Lt.-Cmdr. R.W. Draney, New Westminster; Lt.-Cmdr. W.R. Stacey, Vancouver; Lt. R.M. Bell, Vancou­ver; Lt. G.F.T. Gregory, 1354 Craigdarroch Road; Lt. W.G. Gooderham ; Lt. J.C. Marston, Vancouver.

M.C. – Maj. R.F.S. Robertson, Vancouver; Lt. J.L. Heaslip, Vancouver; Lt. H.O. Miller, Vancouver.

D.F.C. – F.O. J.A. Cacchioni, Van­couver; F.O. R.W. Dalton, Patricia Bay; F.O. G.W. Heselton, Vancou­ver; F.O. F.J. Martin, West Van­couver; F.L. F.G. Kuebler, Van­couver; F.L. M. Roach, Vancouver.

D.S.M.  –  C.P.O. G.F. Bowditch, Esquimalt; C.O.A. L.F. Gill, 1807 Oak Bay Avenue; C.O.A. M. Pederson, 451 Dupplin Road; E.R.A. L. Mills, Esquimalt; O.A. J.B. Elwell, New Westminster; P.O. R.W. Hickey, New Westminster; P.O. D.S. Taylor, Esquimalt; P.O. D.W. Wiggins, Esquimalt; P.O. P. Bedard, Esqui­malt; L.S. J.H. Forrester, Nanaimo; A.B. R.W. Smith, Trail; A.B. G.E. Elsey, West Summerland.

M.M. – Sgt. W.J. Brooks. B.E.M., Vancouver; Sgt. D.G. Davies, Van­couver.

D.F.M. – F.O. C.A. Selfe, Vancou­ver.

B.E.M. – Lt. W.S.L. McPhee, West Vancouver; Q.M.S. N.D. Brooks, Vancouver: Sgt. F.J. Lock­hart, Vancouver; C.P.O. J.J. Clarke, 1515 Hamilton Road; Stores P.O. E.S. Johnson, Esquimalt; Flt. Sgt. G.E. Douglas, 836 Darwin Avenue; Flt. Sgt. B.H. Higginbottom, Van­couver; Flt. Sgt. R.G. Stantial, Patricia Bay; Flt. Sgt. K.L. Thom­son, Brentwood.

Croix de Guerre – Gnr. E. Barton, 1786 Chandler Avenue.

Humane Society Medal – Mr[s.] Francis Berry, Lantzville, V.I.

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