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Date: February 4th 1945
Wanda Gill - (wife)
Leslie Gill

letter #72

HMCS Iroquois
c/o CPO London
Feb 4/45

My Darling

At last my moans have been answered. I say “moans” advisedly, as prayer didnt work at all. Moans are much more efficacious, it seems; as there were bags and bags of mail waiting for us on the tanker. It was quite late at night, but nobody thought of a thing except getting the mail aboard and distributed. I dont think the postie ever had so many volunteers to help him! There were five from you, Dec 26 to Jan 10 complete. Your numbers 46 to 50. and all good news. (More or less!) Delighted to hear our lil’ daughter is developing so satisfactorarily. What? No teeth yet? And only just learning to laugh. Maybe she hasn’t any sense of humor. Try telling her jokes. The snip of hair fascinated me. Imagine! I examined it very closely, even measured it with my micrometer. In case she ever asks you, it is .0003 to .0004 diameter. That figures out about right. Your hair is rather fine, so it will be 1/1000 thick. Mine being zero, it makes hers something halfway between. Quite correct, isn’t it? I mean my logic is more or less correct, not the mathematics.

Its futile to try to answer all five of your letters on this, so I’ll just touch on some of the high spots. Jan 10th, the most recent letter, is three weeks and three days old. There must be several more since then, sure hope they arrive before we’re off again. We do nip around a lot, you know. If we get another spell like the past four weeks, it will do for me entirely. I aged a lot during that time darling!

Grannies arm seems to be taking its time getting better. Can she use it at all yet? Lets see, its just a few days younger than Evelyn, isnt it? (We do all our figuring from that date, dont we? B.E. and A.E!) So she’s been wearing the cast two months. In answer to your question, the only “cast” with an e on it is the kind they have in India. “Untouchables” are one of them. Since your Mums cast is quite touchable, it must be spelled negative e. See? Nothing to it! People are supposed to autograph casts. Has your Mum any famous autographs on hers?

I supposed Larry M. and Dave Hobbs are home by now. I think the Hobbs have a phone. Give him a ring please, and see how he is. Maybe he was invalided on account of his hand. Larry too, is in a low category. Hes practically blind, you know. I still cant understand how he was accepted in the first place. Ask about Jarb, too while you are at it. Ive lost touch with all my old chums. Wonder where Len Wagstaff is? Larry would know that. Bill Grey is off his ship and in Niobe awaiting disposal. I dont know why, but he seemed pleased about it. Perhaps he is going for his Warrant-Boatswain after all.

Had a letter from Marge, dated Jan 8. She doesnt mention the laundry at all, or the romance, so perhaps they’re both all off. Im sorry now that I broke my word, but from the way she spoke at the time it was practically settled, and I didnt want you to be too surprised. Please forget all about it. She has a lot to say about Canada though. Apparently thats “practically settled” now too! It will be difficult for her to get away before the end of the war. First of all, she cant leave the country, except in extraordinary circumstances, none of which apply to her. She’d have to fake a reason with cooperation of someone in Canada. Money is another thing. Shes only allowed to take 10 [pounds] out of the country with her. There’s too many pros and cons to discuss now, I’ll just go into the matter more fully in a longie soon, but I don’t think she can make it till some time after the war. When will that be, do you think? I’ll be back in Canada too, then. Roll on, you Russians!

Yes, we heard all about the street car strike in B.C. Jerry Wilmot, Canadian BBC News commentator had a lot to say about it. Also about the 7,800 zombies who went AWOL! The people in this country know all about them too, and take great delight in rubbing it in. The BBC is always discussing it, and people here follow the situation closely. I nearly had a fight last time ashore. A kipper P.O. insisted it was 78,000 who were AWOL, and all Canadians are alike anyhow, and what was I going to do about it? Just another reason I dont like to wear Canada badges. I dislike the average kipper (there’s a few good ones, I admit!) but at least they dont advertise their cowardice like McKenzie Kings supporters do. Dont start any crusades, now! but if the subject ever comes up in you presence, please tell them thats what your husband thinks. If you can shame even one zombie into volunteering, you’ve done a good days work. Dont let it worry you darling (“It wont,” I heard you say!) you’re doing your job! I’m sure you’re doing it thoroughly too. If the rest of her is as perfect as the small sample I received there can be no criticism from anybody. Not even me!

I love you darling. More and more and more! Cant go into detail about it, but believe me. I’ll start another of these right away, but its nearly Pipe Down.


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Original Scans