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Date: November 22nd 1944
Wanda Gill - (wife)
Leslie Gill

letter #48

HMCS Iroquois
c/o GPO London
Nov 22/44

My Darling,

Letters at last! And very welcome too. I think I’d have had a baby myself if I hadnt heard from you today. Its tough being a daddy for six days all by yourself! Of course, it was tough on you too, but at least you knew what was going on. Or did you? Don’t tell me too soon, I’m still pretty weak, you know. It was quite an ordeal!

I’m relieved and very happy to hear you are well. You say that you are both “unusually healthy specimens.” Even if I discount that statement 90%, I gather that you are at least living. That helps a lot. I think that I would have died if anything went wrong. Sure of it in fact. Mustn’t be morbid so on with the scrawl.

There were five letters for me today. Your Airgraph of Nov 12 and letter of 13th and 14th. Thanks a million, darling, for writing so soon. I know you couldn’t have felt much like writing so thanks two million. You are a wonderful wifey and Im very pleased with you. Did my telegram arrive I wonder? We have a new postie and he’s not very well up on telegrams. It was full rate so should have arrived in 48 hours normally. Other letters today were from your Mum, Nove 11, also Zora, and Tony Kruh. Biggest mail I’ve had for months. There were sixteen bags, tons of parcels but none of them for me. However, your letters were more welcome than all the parcels in the world. They always are, but particularly this week. I love you, you know!

The pencil is not too hard to decipher, but I hope you have your pen fill next time. While I think of it, why do you put so many stamps on your letters? Im sure its only 5 or 6¢ to armed forces overseas. Check at the P.O. some day. That’s Air Letters I’m talking about. They used to be a dime from Canada and six pence from here. Now ours are 3 d and 5 or 6¢ from Canada. Civilian addresses Overseas are still a dime.

Apparently you are worrying because William turned out to be a girl. Forget it darling. We really wanted a daughter after all, didn’t we? I’m pretty sure you did, anyhow, and I’m perfectly happy about the whole thing. The important thing is that you are all right. You are, aren’t you?

Soft pedal on the hero stuff please darling. It’s a sore subject at the present. A few people didn’t get one and they’re howling about it. No, I don’t know what it was for specifically, but they’ll tell us when they get round to it. A DSM doesn’t amount to much anyway, they come up with the rations. Other medals are really for something. Remember Uncle [B?] got the OBE for cheerfulness of all things! That’s how logical they are with that kind of business. I rather suspect it was as consolation prize on account of Evelyn! Lucky for me I’m out of reach, isnt it?

Do you mind having a few spots of butter on your letters? Its very nice butter, so don’t complain. Its better than the usual stuff we get.

So you don’t feel as if you owe be the dollar on the date of birth bet? Well, I like that! It will teach me not to bet with women. I know, anyhow, but I thought my darling wife would be different. On top of that you brazenly come out into the open and claim you have won the other bet, re End of War! My dear child, what do you think I am? Something that fell off a Christmas tree? The terms of that bet are very clear and neither of us has won yet! I am very confident that I will win it, however. Look up that letter again, and admit that I state very clearly, Germany would be packed up before William arrived. Germany, not Japan, and William, not Evelyn!! Do you still think you won? You might as well pay me now, because its practically a lost cause now. Have I ever got you this time! $1.00 Come to papa. It serves you right in marrying a professional gambler, but I’m awfully glad you did.

Well its still early. I’ll see if anything is dry enough to iron yet. I’ve got a hell of a pile of stuff hanging out in the flat. Its been there all day and not a bit dryer. What a life! If I get through early I’ll start another of these. Promise! Thank Mum for her prompt wire and Air Letter. Much appreciated.

All my love

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