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Date: May 12th 1944
Wanda Gill - (wife)
Leslie Gill

Halifax N.S.
May 12/44

My Dearest Darling

I can call you anything I like now, cant I? I have the whole list to choose from so I choosed these, do you approve? It is now 9:30, a lovely spring evening, and I never felt so low in all my life. Two whole hours since you left but it just seems like two seconds. I can still hear your voice ringing in my ears, and my collar is a bit damp. Do you think the rest of the time will pass as quickly? I hope so.

Your train left at exactly 7.20 on the dot. The C.N.R. seemed to enjoy tearing us apart. If it were the train taking me back to you, I bet it would hang around for hours before pulling out.

I didn’t leave the station soon as you went through the gate after all. I watched your silly blue hat bobbing around among the other people right down to your car. When I finally lost sight of it, it was all I could do to keep from racing down the platform after you. Poor darling Wannie, I love you so much. Please cheer up, and dont cry any more. I wont if you wont, promise? Please try to enjoy your trip back, its really wonderful and we cant afford for you not to enjoy it! Aint I the mercenary husband?

When the train finally went out of sight and sound, and every one else was gone except the train people and the shore patrol I came out again and wandered up town.

I repeat, it is a lovely spring evening, the kind we are used to and havent seen for so long. Didnt feel like the Wets, (I suddenly remembered how noisy it is) so I walked up to see if Carl was home. He was, so I hung around on their front steps for an hour or so, then said So long and started home. This is the K of C on Almon Street, we walked past it a couple of times. No paper at home, and there’s 2 mail box here, so here I am.

Im not quite sure how this mail-box works. Might be a day or so delay but I hope not. Its too soon (two hours!) for anything exciting to have happened so all I can tell you is what you know already. That is, how much I love you, or have I mentioned it before? Its an incredible amount, darling some day you’ll believe me.

Just heard its 10.30 P.M. Its taken me an hour to write this. Good-eh! Roll on, you hours! Sooner they roll by the sooner I’ll see my Wannie again. I’d better go home now before Mrs. Ward locks me out. Will write again tomorrow.

All my love darling,

60 Young St Halifax

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Original Scans